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About Us
Our goal is to provide a reliable Signing Service for
companies working in the mortgage industry using  
knowledgeable, professional, efficient Signing Agents.

Our Signing Agents will ensure the proper execution
of loan documents in the comfort of the borrower's own home.
e are dedicated to giving you accurate signings that you can
depend on, whether you need a notary or attorney.

Merritt Services Staff and our Notary
Signing Agents and
Attorneys are dedicated to you and your client to ensure a
smooth, quick and simple closing.

Here’s how:

Our Goal is to assure your satisfaction with our
Merritt Services, Inc.
Contact us today
904-230-7478 in Jacksonville, FL
Fax 909-752-4111
Email:  Brenda@merrittsvcinc.com
We can secure
your notaries
wherever and
whenever needed
with dependable
never say No -
We determine
'How'. We do
whatever it
takes to get the
job done!